Use Common Sense when Buying Beauty Products

When my sister and I entered puberty, we were cursed with the same oily skin that both of our
parents had when they were younger. It was genetics, so there was nothing we could do about it
but try to be diligent at cleaning, scrubbing and watching what we ate. Overactive oil glands are
common in adolescents and as we saw in our school, we were not alone. This problem stayed
with us as we grew older and we were forever in search of products that would help to resolve
the issue. However, my sister fell prey to one company that seemed to sell a lot without a speck
of common sense.
My sister was in her mid-twenties when she was invited to one of those home ‘beauty
presentations’. You know the kind, put on by one of your co-workers to sell those famous
products that give away high end gifts and vehicles to top sellers. My sister continued to have
oily skin and so she was hoping they would have something to assist her with the difficult. She
attended the show, watching and observing as they demonstrated all of their miracle products.
When she asked about oily skin, they jumped at the chance to let her know that she needed to by
their products that would help. They convinced her that she need to change the way she treated
her skin and that washing dried it out, thereby making the glands produce even more oil. And
so, my sister spend over $200.00 on their products.
If nothing else, my sister was diligent about following instructions. She began using their
products, just as she was told. However, within the first few days she began noticing a problem.
She was breaking out in horrible, red pimples; something she had never had before. Thinking
this was temporary, she continued to use the products until her entire face looked like a pizza.
Knowing this was a ‘con job’ of the worst kind, I jumped in to help her; drying her tears and
giving her astringents and products designed to gently cleanse and dry these things up.
It took only a week or so before her face began to look normal again and I called the lady up that
sold her this crap and gave her a piece of my mind. The moral of the story is, use common sense,
based on your own skin type and a lot of ‘science’ before buying-into overpriced garbage. From
that point on I made sure she had organic products that didn’t have any chemicals, preservatives,
colors, dyes or scents. Using this method, she ended up with lovely skin.