Smartphones Just Getting Smarter

Two years ago, the number of smartphone owners represented about 30% of the population.
Today, almost everyone has a smartphone and the demand for quality is top-of-mind for the
manufacturers. What started out as the brainchild of Steve Jobs and Apple has been catapulted to
one of the largest industries in the world.
There is no doubting that smartphones have had some of the largest influences on a global scale.
When smartphones were combined with social media, they have allowed immediacy for
communication that is so fast, it has created entire movements.
The latest shift that is occurring is the change over from DVD and CD ownership to music
download and video streaming. The higher quality screens can now give every viewer the chance
to watch their favorite movies and television shows, as well as view those that are from net
sources that they normally wouldn’t have access to. Audio on smartphones is improving and
with the right headphones, music enthusiasts can tune into any kind of music they want. Both of
these alterations may make the concept of CD and DVD ownership a non-existent situation.
In years gone by, consumers were always identified by their collection of record albums,
cassettes, and later CD’s. Today, everyone has a personal identification with their smartphone.
They accessorize and personalize it and it is carried with them...everywhere.
Mobile apps are finally out of their infancy and companies have become savvier to realizing that
if a mobile app is not useful, functional or offers something valuable, the consumer will remove
it from their smartphone. Many of our life functions are now accommodated via mobile apps:
from GPS, to locating a restaurant and making reservations, to calling a cab, refilling
prescriptions, accessing medical information, and even finding the best deal or coupon.
Smartphones give us access to the world and everything in it, within nanoseconds.
The major carriers continue to battle with each other for offerings, as each one attempts to take
advantage of the uptick in smartphone use and the continual demand of the consumer to have
quality, service, coverage and faster connectivity.