Please Do Not Feed These Foods To Your Dogs, They are Toxic

Everyone knows that their dogs are not just pets, but a member of the family. As such, it is
almost impossible to refuse them the same foods that we eat. It’s important to know that there are
many ‘people foods’ that can actually harm and even kill your beloved furred friend. If you
believe in preparing your own dog food, take care of these things, otherwise use a food source
recommended by your Vet: Do NOT feed these things to your dog:
Pot roast or any fatty meats: Even a half inch piece of pot roast or any meat that is highly fatty
can throw your dog into a pancreatitis attack. It can kill the dog if not treated and treatment can
be expensive and does not always work.
Grapes or raisins: These are incredibly toxic for dogs. Do not feed them anything that even
contains either grapes or raisins.
Avocadoes: The fruit, seeds, leaves and bark all contain a chemical known as persin. The
Guatemalan avocado seems to have the highest content and it can be deadly to horses, rabbits
and birds. Dogs and cats can experience mild stomach discomfort. Some dog foods are made
with avocado, with the persin removed. Digestion of the avocado ‘pit’ can cause gastric
Chocolate: This is very deadly to dogs. In some cases, smaller dogs can ingest just a tiny bit of
chocolate and it will kill them. The darker the chocolate, the higher the hazard.
Bread Dough: The stomach of a dog or cat is the perfect environment for raw bread dough to
‘rise’. This can cause the stomach to expand and cut off the blood circulation.
Ethanol (aka drinking alcohol, ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol): The biology of dogs and cats are
not set up to process any kind of alcohol. It can not only cause disorientation and vomiting, but
can cause seizures, comas and possibly death.
Macadamia Nuts: While these nuts are typically not fatal, they can cause tremors, weakness in
the back legs, symptoms of pain and a low grade fever.
Moldy Foods: The tremorgenic mycotoxins in moldy foods can be deadly in dogs. Symptoms
can include tremors, convulsions and eventually possibly death. If caught quickly enough,
treatment from a Vet can overcome the problem.