New Job, Lots of Travel, But What To Do About My Fish?

Very few people can proudly claim that they have had a collection of fish for over two years.
When I moved into an apartment building that didn’t allow pets, I turned to a friend who helped
me set up a fresh water fish tank. She taught me all of the good habits including the cleaning,
ensuring the water was filtered and aerated and the best food for them.
Fish are notoriously difficult to maintain, without the proper attention, so I was determined to
make sure that I took every precaution. It paid off, because each of my appropriately named fish
thrived and seemed happy.
My happy home took a turn when I got a new job and found out that I had to travel, a lot. I don’t
trust asking people to feed my fish as they might mean well, but also might forget. The last thing
I wanted to do was return from a trip and find my little friends ‘floating’ upside down due to
starvation or feeding them too much.
I investigated and then bought an automatic fish feeder and tried it out for a full two weeks
before my first business trip. I set the timer so that it would feed them while I was there. It
worked like a champ. I watched to make sure the right amount of food was dispensed and that
the fish continued to be healthy. Still, I was a bit worried so before I left on a three day venture, I
asked a friend to stop in at the time I set for the auto-feed and make sure the fish were doing ok.
Each day, I would get a text from my friend, assuring me that the automatic feeder was working
exactly as it should and the fish were happily eating and swimming around. It is difficult enough
to tackle the challenges of a new job and responsibilities and the fact that I didn’t have to worry
about my fish made everything so much easier. Upon landing at the airport I knew that my ride
home could be relaxing and I would open the door to greet my fish friends.