Choosing Your iPhone Case

In today’s world, your cell phone is a direct extension of who you are. It contains everything and
everyone you know, your pictures, videos and is an umbilical cord to the world. It has replaced
the past ‘ownership’ concept of record albums, CD’s and DVD’s and it is now the phone that
reflects your personality and identity. It only makes sense that the phone case should also reflect
your uniqueness.
If you have an iPhone, you are probably already aware of the choices you have for a case. You
may have a specific website that you order them from or just picked one up when you happened
to be at the local store. Choosing a case doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal, but this is the
area of the phone that others actually see, and so there have been an array of cases that have been
produced with today’s colors and especially ‘themes’.
The ‘theme’ cases have taken off in popularity as each one immediately sends the message of
what musical group, movie or television show you relate to. The other genre that has become
popular is changing out your case to match the location. If you are going out for the evening hot
colors are preferred, a day at the mall could be something to match your outfit, a high end
restaurant could be something more classic and sleek.
In the working world, people have a tendency to be a bit more demure on their choice of cases,
and instead allow their ringtone-of-choice to reflect their personal identity. After all, no one
wants the CEO walking by to see a case cover on a staff member phone that might raise
Industrial cases are an absolute must for anyone that is involved in construction. These are
functionally sturdy and not designed to be attractive. They will, however, help to protect the
phone when it is dropped, splashed or covered by dust, dirt, grout and grit. More than one person
on a construction site has been thankful that they invested in an industrial case for their iPhone as
they watch in slow motion when it drops to the next floor.